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The Ellerman Hall vessel ss CITY OF CAIRO torpedoed on 6th November 1942


On this page, I would like to record photos or other information pertaining to the ship. I would welcome anything you would like to share. I do have photos on all of the other pages on the site and I hope you find them of interest.

Some of the survivors at St Helena

Some survivors at St Helena

Copyright © Ralph Barker

Photo courtesy of Leslie's grandson Mark Wardel

Les Boundy and Daughters

Leslie Boundy with daughter's Pat and Daphne receiving his MBE at Buckingham Palace Tuesday 15th February 1944

Above from left to right: (standing) Andy Green, Thomas Parkinson, Leslie Mountain, George Blagrave-Dean, Bob Skea, Charlie McKechnie; (middle row) George Nutter, Roland Dodds, Victor Chambers, Ted Elliott; (front row) John Cullinane, Allan Tempest, James Turner, Charlie Williams.

Courtesy of Lorraine Leicester

Second Officer Les Boundy

Second Officer Leslie Boundy

Courtesy of Lorraine Leicester

Outside Government House

Pictured outside Government House, St Helena

Above from left to right: Leslie Boundy, Bob Gerner, Governor, William Bain Gray, Lady Bain Gray, Mona Rooksby, Arnold Silcock, (Sitting) Possibly William Rooksby?

Dulcie Kendall and Colin

dulcie kendall and colin

©Ralph Barker

Courtesy of Lorraine Leicester

St Helena children and nurses

Some of the children with their nurses outside the old civil hospital in St Helena

Seaman Gunner John Vass Morris. R.N.

(D.E.M.S.) R.N. Gunner John V. Morris.

John V. Morris in later life (2006)

Mr. John V. Morris in later life (2006)

I am very grateful to John's grandson Anthony Morris for the photos above. Sadly John passed away on Thursday 4th May 2006 aged 83. Very much missed by all his family and friends.

James Whyte

James (Knocker) Whyte

Margaret Gordon

Margaret Gordon

Margaret Gordon

Margaret Gordon

I am very grateful to Margaret Gordon's niece Sue Home for the photos above.

Photo below from 1942 shows Dr. Quantrill and Third Officer Whyte with some of the CITY OF CAIRO's engineers. I think the 2nd engineer Bob Gerner is third from left and the 3rd, 4th and 5th engineers. Can you identify them?

Courtesy of Sarah Quantrill [Photo from 1942]

City of Cairo engineers

Third from left possibly 2nd engineer Gerner. White uniforms Dr. Quantrill [centre] 3/O Whyte [right] Can you name the engineers?

Courtesy of Sarah Quantrill

Ship's engineers

[Bottom up] 3/O Whyte, Dr. Quantrill and engineers

Courtesy of Sarah Quantrill

some of the ship's crew

Unidentified crew members

Can anyone identify any of the engineers in the photo?