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The Ellerman Hall vessel ss CITY OF CAIRO torpedoed on 6th November 1942

Wreck Located

The wreck of CITY OF CAIRO, torpedoed on 6th November 1942, has been found at a depth of 5150m. Under contract to the UK Ministry of Transport, Deep Ocean Search (DOS) completed an extremely difficult and challenging dive from the S/V JOHN LETHBRIDGE and recovered several tens of tons of silver coins from a depth of 5150m - a world depth record.

I am pleased to be able to add the following photos. All are copyright © and courtesy of Deep Ocean Search and I would particularly like to thank John Kingsford and team for allowing me to put them on the site.

The last resting place of this fine ship which saw service in both the World Wars is now known. We remember all those who sailed in her especially those who never made it home, lest we forget.

DOS left a plaque commemorating their finding and visiting the ship before they left the site finally on the 25th September 2013.

recovered silver coins

These two silver rupees were recovered in 2013 from the consignment of 2182 boxes of silver bullion totaling 122 tons embarked on the CITY OF CAIRO prior to sailing Bombay 2nd October 1942. The coins, now in my possession, give me a link back to 1942, the ship and my father Malcolm (Calum) MacLean a seaman who served on the ship at the time. The coin on the right has been cleaned up, the coin on the left is as discovered.

Commemorative Plaque left on site September 2013

commemorative plaque left on the wreck

Courtesy and Copyright Deep Ocean Search