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A tribute to the British Merchant Navy - they also served!

The Ellerman Hall vessel ss CITY OF CAIRO torpedoed on 6th November 1942

Other Sites

Below is a list of links which I hope you will visit. All I have visited personally and would recommend to you.


Mike Holdoway - has brought us quite simply the most definitive work on the Internet concerning WWII convoys. Includes work by the late Arnold Hague which has not been seen before.

Benjidog Tower Hill Website

Brian Watson created the website in 2011 to assist those unable to get to the World War 2 memorial themselves. He has photographed all of the WW2 panels - an excellent resource.

Ships Nostalgia

Ships Nostalgia - this site is a must see. A wonderful collection of ships past and present and a vibrant community of seafarers, ex-seafarers and others with just an interest in the sea and shipping. All of them very willing to help you whether you want to ask research questions or chat about your memories of the sea.

RMS Rangitiki

Richard Overall has produced a wonderful website dedicated to the RANGITIKI, one of the three famous Rangi~Boats, from the fleet of cargo/liners of the New Zealand Shipping Company, which sailed in deep water in the golden age of British shipping. A wonderful tribute to Richard's father C.Philip "Mick" Overall and all who sailed on a classic ship.

Brian Probetts has a brilliant website and forum. So if you are looking for old friends or have a question to ask please pay him a visit.

Tony Jones has created a mariners treasure here. It's an excellent site and well worth a vist.

World War 2 Talk

World War 2 Talk is an excellent forum discussing all aspects of the Second World War. Well worth a visit.

The Cambridgeshire Regiment 1914-1918

The Cambridgeshire Regiment 1914-1918 is a site dedicated to the Cambridgeshire Regiment of WW1 in which Francis Alleyne Marr, DSO. MC. served with distinction.

Digger History

Ted Harris has compiled a vast resource detailing the unofficial history of the Australian & New Zealand Armed Services.

Regia Marina

Cristiano D'Adamo has an excellent site about the Italian Navy during WWII.

The Mariners List

The Mariners List is a great resource. Ask those knowledgable folk anything about seamen and ships. Particulary useful if you need to know the facts about ships now long gone.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

The Commonwealth War Graves Commision an excellent site where you can search the "Debt of Honour Register" for those who lost their lives in two world wars. Includes civillians and seafarers lost at sea, who have no grave but the sea.

Saint Helena Island Info

Saint Helena Island Info Contact John Turner - an excellent site about Saint Helena.
See also their Facebook page: Saint Helena FB page

John H. Marsh Maritime Research Center

The John H. Marsh Maritime Research Center is another excellent resource for purchasing photographs of ships now long gone. an excellent resource dealing with the U-boat war. Also deals in depth with attacks on merchant vessels.

Hearts of Oak

Hearts of Oak is part of a wonderful website by Raymond Forward. Full of photos and very useful information. A great research resource.

Sixtant, War in the South Atlantic

Ozires Moraes has written a wonderful website focusing on the war in the South Atlantic including the loss of many merchant ships. Well worth visiting.

Flags of the World

Flags of the World - many shiping company's flags here. Well worth a visit.


Will McArthur - has produced very interesting site about Glasgow and the people who live and lived there. Many stories and photographs - a huge site, get yourself a big cuppa and off you go down memory lane. Will has a section of his site dedicated to our forces and the Merchant Navy.

Mayday Tugs of War

Robin Williams - has produced an excellent documentary "Mayday Tugs of War" a tribute to the Tugmen of WWII.

Canadian Expeditionary Force World War I

Bob Richardson - has produced an excellent site about the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War I.

Mesothelioma Cancer Center

From Briana Huffer - Right now we are in the midst of a public outreach, attempting to educate people throughout the world on asbestos dangers. So far, the feedback and participation that we have received from veterans websites has been tremendous, so I wanted to contact you to make sure you don't miss this information.