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This In Memoriam page and Lost at Sea - Lascars detail those 107 passengers and crew of the SS City of Cairo who were lost either at the time of the sinking, died ashore or died at sea as a result of the journeys in open boats. This figure does not include Third Officer Whyte as he is recorded against the losses for ss CITY OF PRETORIA. He is, however, mentioned in those who died after rescue in the table below.

The City of Cairo's plaque, Tower Hill Memorial, London

ss CITY OF CAIRO, Tower Hill Memorial.

Photo courtesy of Billy McGee

I have tried to ensure the accuracy of the dates of death of the passengers and crew-members recorded here. I have used many sources in my work. It is clear to me that some of the dates recorded in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission are incorrect. For example, most Lascar seamen's dates of death are given as the 6th November 1942, when, in fact, only one Lascar seaman from CITY OF CAIRO was killed on that day. Some Europeans dates are also obviously incorrect. I base this on factual information from survivors' reports, crew lists and from Ralph Barker's book: "Goodnight Sorry for Sinking you".

Herbert Shenton, Lawrence McGaffney, Sultan Khan and Ranoo Panna are all buried on the island of St Helena (St Paul's Cathedral Cemetary). SK Hassan SK Imam died in Cape Town, South Africa; all the others named below have no grave but the sea.

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Image courtesy of the CWGC

Grave of Laurence McGaffney in St Helena

in Memoriam - Lawrence McGaffney

© courtesy of Peter Batty

Grave of Herbert Shenton in St Helena

In Memoriam - Herbert Shenton

Courtesy of Billy McGee

My thanks to Peter Batty and Billy McGee and the kind people of St Helena for the photos of the last resting place of Herbert Shenton and Lawrence McGaffney in St Helena.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Merchant Navy veteran, Second Radio Officer, George V. Monk RIP for his help with the lists below. George was torpedoed while serving on the ss AUDITOR on 4th July 1941. Please see Acknowledgements page.

My thanks also to Mr Peter Bird who also kindly helped with the list.

You may note in the text below the term DBS which is an acronym for (Distressed British Seaman)

DBS = One who is left without a berth, ill or without funds in a foreign port.

Typically, in many cases, during wartime, a DBS would be a seaman who was travelling after having his ship torpedoed or lost through other forms of enemy action.

Lost during the sinking (6)
Name Position Fate
Harry Peever Chief Radio Officer Died 6 November 1942
Rev. Lauchlan McLean Passenger Died 6 November 1942
Wilfred B. Tingle Passenger - Master, (B.I.Co) Died 6 November 1942
Crawford Gordon Passenger Died 6 November 1942
Francis Marr Passenger Died 6 November 1942
Ghulam Rasul Nawabjan Barman Died 6 November 1942
Died after rescue (8)
Diana Jarman Passenger Died 17 December 1942 (ss RHAKOTIS)
James A. Whyte Third Officer Died 4 March 1943 (ss CITY OF PRETORIA)
Herbert Shenton Passenger - Engineer Officer, (B.I.Co) Died 20 December 1942 (St Helena)
Lewis Scaife Passenger - Chief Engineer, M.N. Died 19 November 1942 (ss BENDORAN)
Lawrence McGaffney Passenger Died 20 November 1942 (St Helena)
Sultan Khan Second Baker Died 7 February 1943 (St Helena)
Ranoo Panna Topass Died 20 November 1942 (St Helena)
SK Hassan SK Imam Lascar Died, Cape Town 9/4/1943 - Pulmonary TB
Additionally, two Lascar's who died on ss CLAN ALPINE were buried nameless in St Helena on 19 November 1942. Both will be among those Lascar deaths at sea named in page two
Europeans lost at sea in the lifeboats (28)
Sidney E.D.Britt Chief Officer Died at sea, 19 November 1942
Tom A.V Humphries Second Radio Officer Died at sea, 18 December 1942
William T. Pirrie Third Engineer Died at sea, 20 December 1942
David D. Noble Fifth Engineer Died at sea, 19 November 1942
Francis B. McQuone Purser Died at sea, 18 November 1942
Robert Ironside Quartermaster Died at sea, 19 November 1942
Albert R.C. Dobson Quartermaster Died at sea, 14 November 1942
Frank Stobbart Engine Room Storeman Died at sea, 19 November 1942
George E. Napier Passenger - Chief Steward, (B.I.Co) Died at sea, 14 November 1942
Ada Taggart Stewardess Died at sea, 17 November 1942
Annie Couch Stewardess Died at sea, 19 November 1942
Sydney H. Barnes Steward Died at sea, 14 November 1942
John Nuttal Butcher Died at sea, 14 November 1942
John Tagg (DBS) Passenger - 2nd Mate - ex "INDUSTRIA" Died at sea, 12 December 1942
Capt. Thomas McCall Passenger - Master Mariner, M.N. Died at sea, 21 November 1942
Dr. Ronald Tasker Passenger Died at sea 12 November 1942
Robert Watts Passenger Died at sea, 19 November 1942
Basil Watkins-Ball Passenger Died at sea, 17 November 1942
John T. (Jack) Oakley Passenger Died at sea, 6 December 1942
Robert Little Passenger Died at sea, 6 December 1942
James (Joe) Green Passenger Died at sea, 18 November 1942
Marshall Crichton Passenger Died at sea, 20 November 1942
Harry Lane Passenger Died at sea between 14/11 and 12/12 1942
William McGregor Third Engineer Died at sea, 28 November 1942
Fred Powell Passenger - Third Engineer, (B.I.Co) Died at sea, 26 November 1942
William C. Soloman Passenger Died at sea, 4 December 1942
Kate Richardson Passenger Died at sea, 12 November 1942
Daniel McNeil Passenger Died at sea, 9 November 1942